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Advice on Becoming a Professional Feng Shui Consultant

Q. How do I become a professional Feng Shui Practitioner


This question came up in the IFSG this week. I believe that becoming a professional feng shui consultant takes, study, work, commitment, common sense, and resilience.

I agree with the comments posted in the International Feng Shui Guild news feed, I see lots of good advice there. I would also suggest that in the early stages of your career, make sure you are doing at least one consultation per week to keep your hand in, gain experience, collect testimonials and to build confidence.

If the paid work isn’t flowing to begin with then offer your services to those in need (and do it for free) Quite often, like public speaking, this will lead to paid work.

Getting Feng Shui Clients

Then, when you land paying clients, make sure you are charging a decent rate.

Many beginners feel that they can not charge too much for their work because they lack experience. I went through this when I started and I remember one of my mentors telling me to double my rates.

I did, with some doubt and resistance, but guess what, my work got better, my client got results and my reputation took off. The whole thing shifted into a higher gear and I was on my way to becoming a professional feng shui consultant.

You will discover that if your fees are too low, you are likely to attract “low commitment” clients who typically come back to you saying “it’s not working!” when in fact, it is they who are not engaging in the process because they don’t have enough “invested” in the process. This really sucks and is likely to undermine your confidence.

I think it helps if you visualize the type of client you would like to attract. Really understand the types of issues they are dealing with and visualize yourself serving them in your very best capacity. 

Here is an example from British Feng Shui practitioner Jackie Notman on what to expect from one of her consultations.

Hope this is helpful. Wishing you the best in your new journey.

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